10 Foods That Trigger Migraine?

Migraine is a throbbing kind of headache that results in extreme discomfort. It occurs on one side of the head and often becomes worse with any physical activity. Let us have a look at a few foods that trigger migraine –


Chocolate contains tyramine which may trigger a headache. Smell or taste can also result in headaches. Dark chocolate is rich in tyramine, so it should be avoided by people who suffer from migraine. Milk chocolate does not trigger migraine as much as dark chocolates do because it has less amount of tyramine.


Alcoholic beverages are known triggers for many people who suffer from migraine headaches, especially if consumed at dinner. Alcoholic beverages can trigger migraine in many different ways. It can be due to the strong smell of alcoholic drinks, the changes in the environment, or even certain ingredients


Caffeine is known to be a common headache trigger. Coffee, tea, and cola contain caffeine which may avoid people who suffer from chronic migraines from triggering their headaches. If you are addicted to caffeine then you should reduce its intake gradually instead of having it abruptly


Cheese contains high amounts of tyramine which may result in triggering migraine headaches. As cheese ages, there is more tyramine accumulated in it which results in triggering migraines

5) NUTS: 

Some complain that headaches are triggered by the smell of nuts. Usually, it is true for some people and not for others. Nut allergy is very rare which makes this trigger quite debatable


There are many triggers like additives present in soft drinks, caffeine, or certain preservatives that may result in triggering migraine headaches. People who have a history of migraines should avoid these triggers to reduce their risk of contracting them


Alcoholic beverages can trigger a migraine headache for different reasons. The way alcoholic beverage’s odor is capable of triggering a headache in certain individuals who have sensitive olfactory senses is unbelievable, but it happens


The chemicals present in tobacco smoke contribute to triggering migraines. This is because it constricts the blood vessels which further results in headaches. So, smoking should be avoided by people who are having a history of migraine headaches


People with a history of migraines need to avoid food containing high levels of tyramine like deli meats, dried or ripened cheeses such as blue cheese, and processed meats. Foods containing this ingredient should be avoided at least a few days before taking part in any activities you usually do since they can cause severe migraine

10) MSG:

Monosodium glutamate (MSG) is known to trigger migraine headaches for many individuals. However, not everyone seems to feel this way. People who have a history of migraine should avoid foods that contain MSG in them, which they can do by reading food labels carefully

Migraine foods to avoid list:

There are several reasons for having a migraine-like- stress, tension, insomnia, smoking. Lack of sleep also causes migraines; migraines may result because of noise or light exposure or other odors. Migraine can also happen due to changes in weather conditions or fever which results in dehydration. There are certain causes behind having a migraine attack but there are specific foods that people must avoid if they have a migraine.

Below is the list of some foods that cause migraines:

1. Chocolates

Chocolate contains caffeine which is one of the main reasons that people need to avoid chocolate during a migraine attack since caffeine is found in coffee as well as tea, energy drinks, and sodas.   Chocolate also has tyramine which can trigger migraines so it would be better to avoid chocolate during an acute episode of a migraine attack.

2. Alcohol

Alcoholic beverages also contain caffeine and tyramine which makes it harder for a person who suffers from migraine to have them throughout their lives without having any complications with alcohol-related triggers. A small amount of red wine may not cause any harm but having a moderate or high amount of wine may result in triggering an acute episode of a migraine.

3. Soy Sauce

Soy sauce also contains tyramine which is one of the main reasons that people who have migraines need to avoid soy sauce. If you think that having just a small amount won’t cause any problem then it would be better to stay away from soy sauce since some people can even get migraine headaches after eating just a small amount of this ingredient.

4. Aspartame and Other Artificial Sweeteners

Aspartame and other artificial sweeteners trigger migraines so would be better to avoid these ingredients if we suffer from migraines as not only migraines, they can cause many other diseases as well.

5. Citrus Fruits:

People who suffer from migraines need to avoid citrus fruits such as lemon, limes, and oranges because they can trigger migraine attacks.

6. Alcoholic Drinks:

Cola drinks, coffee, and tea contain caffeine which is one of the main reasons that people must avoid these caffeinated beverages during a migraine attack since it can also result in dehydration and other chronic migraines.

Doctors would normally recommend people to take plenty of water during a migraine episode instead of having something that has caffeine in it especially cola drinks, coffee, and tea if we want to reduce our chances of getting dehydrated as well as other complications like nausea and vomiting during a migraine attack.

7. Mackerel:

Mackerel contains high levels of tyramine which is one of the main reasons that people need to avoid mackerel during a migraine attack since it can trigger migraines.

8. Onions, Garlic, and Leeks:

Onions contain fructans which are short-chain carbohydrates that are found in many types of vegetables but these vegetables are known to trigger migraines so better to avoid them if you have chronic migraines. Even some people who have lactose intolerances may find onion difficult to digest so for them would be better to stay away from onions as well as garlic and leeks during an acute episode of a migraine. It’s also recommended by doctors not to eat too much chocolate during a migraine attack.

9. Artificial Food Flavorings and Seasonings:

It is recommended to avoid MSG which is used as a food flavoring in many restaurants, fast foods, processed meats, and other junk foods because it contains glutamate that can trigger migraines. People who suffer from chronic migraines also need to avoid artificial food flavorings and seasonings because these ingredients contain chemicals that may trigger headaches in people who are susceptible to them.


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