10 tips for Christmas greetings etiquette

1. Send Christmas cards to your close friends and family members only.

2. If you want to write a short message inside the card, keep it under 20 words so that everything is legible when holding the card in one hand.

3. Do not send Christmas cards after January 1st of the following year or in bulk before Christmas Eve at all! Instead send them out on December 27th – 29th when everyone is back from their holidays and have time to receive them properly.

4. The more original the better! Make sure your greetings are personal for that special person even if it’s just “Happy Holidays.” In today’s fast paced world when we’re constantly being bombarded with images and messages, it’s the thought and time put into a greeting that makes it special.

5. Christmas cards should only be sent to those who celebrate Christmas with good Christian values, as this is not just a holiday but also one of the important religious celebrations of their lives. People from different culture and religions can send New Year cards however.

6. As for choosing between personal and professional style greetings – if you’re sending your card to someone you’ve just met or don’t know too well, stick with formal business type of greeting – “Best wishes for the holidays!” On the other hand, if you’re close friends with your colleague or you already showed them some love on social media such as Twitter, feel free to write more casual message – “Wishing you a Merry Christmas!”

7. Avoid using black ink or very dark colors for your cards’ text since it’s harder to read from the distance when holding the card in your hand.

8. If you’re sending out a lot of cards, add one more person per batch instead of sending them all at once. So if you have ten people on your list, send five today and then another five tomorrow etc. This way everyone receives their card at least two times: first on December 25th and next day or so after New Year’s Day. Plus this will even out the load and take away some of the stress – we want everyone to feel important during this time of love and giving, right?

9. Keep it clean! Refrain from using words such as “angel”, “devil” and even “Santa” on your cards. And while we’re at holiday themed expressions – do not use any slogans that might hint that you’re celebrating something other than Christmas or New Year. So no phrases like: “Peace and joy to all!” is acceptable but not: “Season’s greetings!”

10. If you want to include a small present inside the card, try sending flowers instead of edible items. This way they won’t get ruined before the person receives them and can be enjoyed for longer period of time.

Best wishes for joyous holidays!


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