10 tips for SEO To Boost Your Digital Marketing Campaign

Digital Marketing is the new most trending business in today’s market. It has its own way to outshine traditional marketing but still there are some tricks that can help you get better results than your competitors. Here is a list of 10 Digital Marketing Tricks that will surely help you boost your digital campaign and give you an upper hand over others:

1. Using Keywords In Your Title Is Important!

According to a recent study, Google shows about title tags take up 70% visibility on SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages). Another report from SearchMetrics says 57% of CTR happens only because of titles. When it comes to ranking well on search engine products, having good content is important but it should be properly optimized for keywords to get better visibility.

2. Quality Content Is Always Visible

Your content should be focused on user experience to get maximum exposure in SERPs. Your brand’s page will show up for your targeted keyword only if the content is good enough to serve your requirement and this depends upon keywords that are relevant to your brand/product/service you are promoting. High bounce rate, low customer satisfaction will impact negatively on your SEO campaign by lowering your CTR (Click-through Rate) metric which is an essential part of Digital Marketing Campaigns. So, original quality content is the key!

3. Share Your Content Everywhere You Can!

Sharing your blog or product post over major social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter etc is a must as it helps you in getting good exposure for your brand over the social media. While all these are the most important platforms to promote your brand/product, there are some other sites like Digg, StumbleUpon where it is equally important to share your content with relevant audience if not required then at least having a presence!

4. Make A Mobile App For Your Brand

Having a mobile app for your Digital marketing campaign is always an added advantage as now-a-days people use their Smartphones more often than Desktop computers to access internet. Sometimes even if they have access, it becomes difficult to browse on small screen that’s why having an app of your own can give you better results when compared to desktop browsing or searching on Google! A study says, having a Mobile app is important for around 51% of major brands.

5. Optimize Your Site For Local Audience

Having your website or blog optimized locally will help you in getting more exposure as most of the searches are local now-a-days. There are some really good Search Engines available to give you better results for local audience like Google Places, Yelp etc so optimizing your site on these platforms can help you boost up your Digital Marketing Campaign.

6. SEO Is Not Exactly Dead!

Every day there comes with new updates which makes SEO difficult but not dead! There are still many things that can be done to grab maximum exposure with good optimization and it is same as with traditional marketing where different techniques keep being updated time to time.

7. Do Not Over-Optimize Your Content!

You can’t just put all your keywords in post title and content, it is not good for user’s experience and also bad for SEO as search engines consider over-optimization a black hat technique to gain traffic. You should write unique quality content and use relevant keywords in your article according to the context (not more than 3% of total words). While at times it becomes difficult to find new words but synonyms help you in getting better results without compromising with the quality of content. There are various keyword generators available online which make work easier by suggesting unique alternative words for related terms or phrases that add value while writing blog or productservice pages on your site.

8. Have A Proper Categorization

Categorizing your product or service is equally important as having a proper naming convention for your pages which will give you an idea about what the page is all about by its name. You can have sub categories to make it easier for users to find according to their convenience but using proper keywords in URLs and Meta tags of each page is necessary so that it gets picked up by search engines.

9. Link Building Is Not Dead!

SEO without link building has become next to impossible because of Google’s penalty for unnatural linking, so if anyone tells you that link building is dead then they are wrong! The only thing that has changed is that now there are more chances of getting penalized than rewarded for unnatural or bad links, so you have to be careful while building them.

10. Take Advantage of “Semantic Search”

According to experts, semantic search is something which detects what user’s are looking for not just the search terms they used which means that if a query has higher chances of getting related results then it will give more priority to those pages. So before adding keywords in URLs try to find out their actual meaning and use them accordingly so that Google can automatically detect your page as relevant instead of treating all keywords equally. Also make sure to provide good description with every page/post as it helps both users and Google to figure out its context!


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