12 MS Triggers and How to Avoid Them?

I am sure you heard about the “crying game” and maybe I’m still young but I never found myself in such a dilemma that if I don’t get to see, touch, or feel something then my life would be incomplete. We all want more than we can get and when we try to get it, we risk losing what we already have. Most times we tend to forget where our limits are and often cross them! So here is a list of 12 triggers guys should avoid which could lead them into an emotional mess:

1)Triggers Caused By Women:

The most obvious one on this list has to be women who like to play with feelings. They will tease us with their bodies making us wonder if they will have sex with us or not if they would go out with us or not, and so on. They know the power of being a woman and use this to get what they want from guys.

2)Triggers Caused by Relationships:

When you are in a relationship, you have to abide by certain rules, and most times they tend to be difficult ones which make it even harder for men. Do we often feel that if we don’t stand up for our love then who will? We might find ourselves in a position where we don’t want to disappoint our women but then tend to lose focus on what we wanted at first. Lastly when you think all is good at home, me; the trouble is just about to start!

3)Triggers Caused by Family:

We know how important our families are but when they force us to do things we don’t want, it sometimes becomes difficult. We all want to please our parents and show them that their efforts haven’t gone in vain; hence tend to end up doing what they tell us even if it’s not compatible with what we wanted. This could be anything like prayer or studying for an exam or even getting married early!

4)Triggers Caused By Children:

Unfortunately, there is no time limit on parenting which means if you have kids around then you will always be a parent! You will need to control everything your kids do or else it could lead you to be called a bad parent.

This will leave you with no time to do things for yourself. A child is a blessing but also your biggest trigger!

5)Triggers Caused By Friends:

We all have friends who are close to us, who make us laugh and enjoy their company. But if they tend to always stay around you then it becomes difficult to find time for yourself. They often want to hang out together which might end up leading you into doing stuff that isn’t relevant or related to what you originally wanted. When this happens enough times then that friend becomes a big trigger! Be careful of who your friends are because they might just be too much fun!

6)Triggers Caused by the Media:

Most people tend to take what they see at face value. If you see an ad on TV about a new car then you will instantly want it! But if you don’t have the money then that becomes your biggest trigger. So be cautious of things that catch your eyes because they could just be trying to pull you into their trap!

7)Triggers Caused By Movies:

Movies are often romanticized, where most times there’s a happy ending or love is involved in some way or another. This leaves guys wanting more and makes them live in a fantasy world where only good things happen. They end up craving for something that isn’t real which might lead them into doing things they normally wouldn’t do. So be careful of those romantic movies because they might just be your biggest trigger!

8)Triggers Caused By Music:

Music is a powerful thing that can connect people, it can make you happy or sad and at times force you into dancing! Most songs have a hidden meaning that men often tend to ignore. If the lyrics don’t seem compatible with what you’re going through then it’s already too late because that song has just become your biggest trigger!

So please pay attention to what your favorite artiste is trying to say.

9)Triggers Caused By Social Media:

You might find yourself following someone on Instagram whose life seems perfect; where everything is beautiful and always good. This will cause an emotional imbalance in your life where you will try to do the same. You might even end up losing focus on what you wanted to do with your life because of social media! Don’t forget that some people are only trying to sell their brand, not you!

10)Triggers Caused By Food:

We all love food and we could never give it up but if it starts controlling your decisions then maybe something is wrong. What we eat daily or weekly can affect us in ways we never expected so be careful!

11)Triggers Caused by Loss Of A Relationship:

One of the greatest triggers ever especially for men who want companionship. When a man loses his woman he feels like he has lost everything and becomes depressed. This leads him into doing things he never imagined just to get her back.

The sad part is that most times it doesn’t work out and leaves them feeling even worst. Next time a relationship ends try talking with a friend or going for a run, anything but resorting to violence!

12)Triggers Caused By Death:

Death is something we all have in common and when your loved one dies you become emotionally charged, you want revenge and sometimes wish death upon the person who took them from you. But please understand that anger doesn’t solve anything especially if it’s towards someone who didn’t deserve what happened to them. So be careful of when death strikes because when it does then nothing will matter anymore except becoming your biggest trigger!


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