12 Podcasts for Sleep, Relaxation, and Sleep Science

1. Hidden Brain:

Hidden Brain from NPR is a highly recommended podcast on sleep and relaxation. The show is about the science behind human behavior, habits, addictions, etc. Listening to it will surely relax your mind and body and improve your mood for sure. Highly recommended if you want to listen to any good Podcast on this planet earth. Run time: ~ 35 minutes

2. Science for Sleep:

Another best sleep podcast I have come across so far in my life that gives information on anything related to your health, motivation, sex life, etc. Believed by many as the most easy-going and interesting podcast of all times especially when they talk about different topics related to sleep & relaxation or just anything that you can think of then this is the best platform for you to get your dose of happiness.

The show is hosted by Matt Warren and Dave Asprey, both are very good storytellers which makes it easier for listeners to understand and connect with their words and ideas shared. They run a podcast under the same name also available on iTunes & Google Play Music. Run time: ~ 35- 45 minutes

3. Sleep With Me:

This Podcast claims that if they say that they will put you to sleep then believe them because they never fail in doing so. This is one such Podcast where the DnD (Dungeons and Dragons) style of storytelling comes into play.

Though this might not be everyone’s cup of tea there is no doubt it has a major influence on people who love DnD. The hilarious sense of humor and the very soothing voice of the host makes this Podcast a must-listen if you are not into heavy conversations or news etc. Run time: ~ 60 minutes

4. Invisibilia:

Invisibilia from NPR is a slightly different podcast for sure as it talks about the impact of unseen forces on your life i.e “the invisible things that control our world”. Like Hidden Brain, this one also hits so many topics which will entertain & educate you at the same time.

However, the show is much more interesting than its counterparts as it discovers how thoughts, feelings, and emotions affect our lives in ways we may never truly understand despite knowing them well enough.

The show is hosted by Lulu Miller and Alix Spiegel who never fail to keep the conversation interesting and engaging. If you want a good dose of science then this Podcast can be your best friend. Run time: ~ 35-45 minutes

5. TED Radio Hour:

The TED Radio Hour features in-depth interviews with world-renowned thought leaders selected from thousands of TED Talks audio files available for free download from the official website. Hosted by Guy Raz, it combs through those talks and uncovers what’s useful, what is generative, what is surprising, and what is strange in those speeches.

It also has shown under the same name which takes a deep look into different topics like ‘how we learn’, creativity, etc like the hidden brain, this too is one of the best Podcasts to listen to out there. Run time: ~ 60 minutes

6. The Waves:

The Waves from ABC (Australian Broadcasting Corporation) doesn’t have any topics or themes that they talk about regularly therefore it can be difficult to describe what you will hear but believe me, every episode has something new and different than previous therefore I usually suggest this for people who just want something interesting rather than anything specific.

One thing is for sure, you will never get bored while listening to them as they always discuss things which you might not have heard off so far or probably didn’t even care about such topics before. My personal favorite is their episode on ‘the millennial’. Highly recommended if you are still looking for something new. Run time: ~ 20-30 minutes

7. Radio Lab:

Radio Lab hosted by Jad Abumrad & Robert Krulwich is one of the most popular shows on public radio and has won many awards including Peabody Award, Silver Gavel Award from ACLU, AAAS, a Webby, and many more. The show covers a wide variety of topics but still manages to keep it interesting all time which is why it’s so widely appreciated & loved among listeners.

It includes subjects like mathematics, computer science, etc. definitely worth checking out if you are ok with spending your time learning something new all the while being entertained too. Run time: ~ 35-45 minutes

8. Radiolab Presents: More Perfect:

This Podcast features stories about Supreme Court history and is an offshoot of the popular Radiolab show. This podcast is hosted by Jad Abumrad & Robert Krulwich and tries to cover how Supreme Court decisions affect our lives. Though it’s not as intriguing as its parent show still manages to keep you interested for sure which is why I believe it’s worth giving a chance if you are looking for something new. Run time: ~ 20-30 minutes

9. 30 For Thirty:

30 For 30 started with ESPN sports a long time back but recently they have made all their episodes available on iTunes so that people who don’t watch ESPN often can listen to them too. The Podcast focuses on some of the most important moments in sports history i.e ‘the plays that changed our lives which are divided into seasons based on different themes.

For example, the first season features ‘Havlicek stole the ball’, ‘the earthquake game’, ‘Larry Bird vs Magic Johnson’. This is one of those Podcasts which you should try if you love sports because it will help you understand how these events went down and why they were so important at that time. Run time: ~ 45-60 minutes

10. Planet Money:

Planet Money, an NPR production brings us stories about economics in a way everyone can easily understand what’s happening around us with help of some great anecdotes. Hosted by Robert Smith & Jacob Goldstein, it recently shifted to a biweekly publishing schedule from a weekly format but even then manages to keep me interested with its engaging stories. Run time: ~ 30-40 minutes

11. TED Radio Hour:

TED Radio Hour is another great Podcast that features episodes based on different talks from the infamous TED conference i.e technology, entertainment, and design. Each episode includes an interview of the speaker who gives us insight into why he or she gave that talk and what was the main idea behind it.

This one too runs weekly so you won’t have to wait for months before new episodes arrive therefore it’s worth checking out if you are looking for something interesting without much effort. Run time: ~ 25-35 minutes

12. Freakonomics Radio:

Freakonomics Show was originally hosted by Stephen J Dubner & Steven Levitt but recently Levitt left and Dubner now hosts it alone. The Podcast tries to answer questions that no one has addressed before such as ‘how to become good at life’ or ‘what makes a perfect parent’.

Freakonomics Radio has been around for a while so there’s plenty of content available, almost ~ 200 episodes already which you won’t be able to finish in a few weeks if you start listening from today. Run time: varies


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