15 Tips to Prevent Dry Winter Skin

Dry skin is one of the most common problems that people face in winter. Even though it can happen at any time, it peaks during winters because of cold dry weather. Here are some simple tips to prevent dry winter skin

1) Cleanse your Skin Properly:

It’s very important to clean your face at night before going to bed. It’ll remove all the dirt and grime from the day and will also open up pores so that it can get moisturized properly by applying a good moisturizer.

You should use a mild cleanser with lukewarm water on your face twice or thrice a day daily for healthy glowing skin during winters. There are many effective cleansing lotions available in the market which you can use.

2) Exfoliate your skin:

Exfoliation is a great way to keep your skin healthy and glowing during winter as well as throughout the year. It removes dead cells from your surface that could lead to clogged pores, blackheads, and whiteheads. There are numerous exfoliating products available in the market like scrubs, cleansing lotions, face washes, etc which you can use on your face every alternate day for excellent results.

If you have dry sensitive skin or acne-prone skin then you must avoid exfoliation. Otherwise, exfoliation will work fine for all types of skins except sensitive ones, so if you have dry sensitive skin then skip this tip!

3) Moisturise Well:

You should moisturize your face and body at least twice a day to keep it moist and hydrated throughout the day. Choose a light hydrating cream or lotion which will not only moisturize your skin but will also protect it from the harsh cold dry wind.

4) Avoid too much soap:

If you have dry skin then you should avoid using soaps as they tend to suck more moisture from the skin making it even drier. So use mild cleansers if possible or simply wash your face with water instead of using soaps on daily basis.

5) Drink plenty of Water:

Drinking plenty of water is good for your health in general, but it’s also important particularly during winters to drink lots of water as it keeps your skin hydrated and glowing. So drink lots of water daily!

6) Wear a scarf:

One tip that I’ve observed is that people who wear a scarf during winter generally have healthier skin than those who don’t. This is because scarves form an insulating layer around your neck which means you’ll be protecting the delicate areas from wind and cold which could dry your skin out. But make sure you choose a soft silk scarf as other fabrics tend to cause chafing which again dries up the skin more.

7) Use a humidifier in the room:

Using a humidifier in the bedroom will prevent dryness of air during the night plus it can also help you better by moisturizing nasal passageways. This will also help you get better sleep as dry air causes irritation and burning sensations in the air passageways.

8) Clean makeup brush:

Cleaning your makeup brushes at least once a week will keep them clean and hygienic which will prevent breakouts, acne, and rashes on your face. You can simply use baby shampoo or mild cleanser to wash them properly for healthy skin!

9) Take care of hair:

Taking extra care of hair during winter is important because hair can easily get dried up due to cold weather. So try to reduce the use of heating tools like straighteners, curling iron, etc whenever possible as they tend to dry up the moisture from strands making them frizzy and dull.

10) Avoid junk food:

Junk foods like fries, burgers, and pizzas tend to make you gain weight as they contain excess oil, fat, and carbohydrates which can increase problems of acne and pimples. So avoid eating such foods as much as possible if you want healthy glowing skin this winter!

11) Remove makeup before going to bed:

Removing makeup properly before going to bed is essential for healthy skin because overnight all the dirt and pollution present on your face is absorbed by the skin causing breakouts and rashes.

Therefore always remove all the makeup before sleeping at night especially lipstick, foundation, concealer, etc. Wipe it off using tissue paper moistened with toner or use a mild cleansing lotion instead of multiple wipes.

12) Go for a chemical peel:

Chemical peels can be done at home or by visiting a dermatologist. It’s an excellent way to get rid of dead skin cells and get healthy glowing skin within a few days! But always remember to go for gentle peels like glycolic, lactic, and fruit acids which are mild and suitable even for sensitive skin types.

13) Using sunscreen during daytime:

Applying sunscreen is an essential daily routine if you want younger-looking and flawless skin as it protects your skin from harmful UV rays which cause sun tanning, premature aging, and skin cancer too. So use sunscreen with SPF 30 on the face every morning before going out in the sun!

14) Use Macadamia hair oil:

Macadamia nut oil is a very lightweight and nongreasy moisturizing oil that is good for all types of hair especially dry, damaged, and frizzy hair. It can be used as a pre-shampoo treatment to help strengthen the roots of your strands making them healthier and shinier! You can also use it on wet or dry hair as a leave-in conditioner.

15) Use a Banana mask:

Bananas are a rich source of vitamin A, B6, and C which nourish the skin from deep within thus leaving it looking healthy, glowing plus they also contain natural bleaching properties which help fight dark spots and sun tanning too! So mash some ripe bananas with 1/2 teaspoon lemon juice + 1 teaspoon honey + 1 teaspoon oatmeal to make it into a paste. Apply this mixture on your face in upward circular motions and leave it for 10 minutes then wash it off with plain water!


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