kareena kapoor

As we all know, Bollywood actress Kareena Kapoor Khan gave birth to another baby, and she is a mother of two children. Her second child is a baby boy, and he is charming and sweet. After all these things, she was not active on social media and currently posted a photo describing “I miss you all” after taking a short break on social activities.

Kareena has also shared a picture of her baby boy which she recently gave birth to. Since then, she was very busy with her schedule and posted nothing on social media, so when she posted the photo of her after few days, fans were waiting for this moment, and they are going crazy and liking her photo and commenting on it. This is her first photo after giving birth to a second kid.

In this photo, Probably Kareena is sitting next to the swimming pull, wearing sunglasses and posing with her so beautiful pouts. Also, she is wearing a kid cap on her head, and fans expect an answer that she is sitting in her new house? Which she planned to have before she gives birth to the second boy!

She also posted with a caption that she missed her insta fam so much. Also, fans are excited about the second baby’s face, and it is heard from the sources that Kareena and Saif are doing something special to introduce the boy to the Instagram family. Check her new post on Instagram right now, and stay tuned.


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