All the differences between the Electronic Cigarette vs Normal Cigarette

Electronic cigarettes are coming on the market and all over the world. Over the years, it has become more popular in comparison to traditional cigarettes. Why Electric Cigarette is famous? The reason for this is that electric cigarette is not harmful to health as much as normal cigarettes are. It does not produce any kind of smoke or ash, which harms the person smoking it or people around them. Some people think that electronic cigarette looks like a real cigarette but there are many differences between both of these products. Electronic cigarette can be used anywhere because it produces vapor instead of smoke thus causing no harm to others around the smoker. This makes electronic cigarette more popular even among non-smokers coz they don’t have to put up with the smell of smoke and tar.

Normal Cigarette Advantages Compared To Electronic Cigarette

Actually, there are many advantages of normal cigarettes compared to electronic cigarette because it has been in use for centuries since the invention of tobacco. There is no doubt that smoking normal cigarettes can cause serious health problems but its not completely true for electric cigarette. Normal cigarettes contain nicotine which is harmful if taken in high dosages however same cannot be said about e-cigarette as they have negligible amount of nicotine present in them. Additionally, it does not contain any other chemicals or carcinogens that are produced after burning real tobacco thus causing no harm to the smoker or people around him. Many doctors suggest that just because electronic cigar has low level of nicotine, it cannot be used as a replacement of normal cigars. It is because there are chances that smoker will increase the dosage of nicotine after an interval thus putting their health into danger.

Normal Cigarettes Vs Electronic Cigarette Effect on Environment

The number one problem with normal cigarette is that it causes air pollution and electronic cig does not produce any kind of smoke or ash, which harms the person smoking it or people around them. Besides this, another drawback of using normal cigarettes is that it leaves behind residues like tar, carbon dioxide etc which not only cause harm to the smoker but also to the environment in general. No doubt, environmental pollution can result in serious diseases like lung cancer for nonsmokers coz they do not get enough oxygen . This makes electric cigar a better option for smokers who want to enjoy smoking without worrying about their health and the environment.

Electronic Cigarette Vs Normal Cigarette Effect on Smokers’ Health

In normal cigarettes, more than 4000 chemical compounds are present which increase the risk of diseases like lung cancer, heart attack etc. The number of chemicals decreases in electronic cigar thus making it more popular among all age groups. In fact, it helps in reducing the risk of various health problems caused by normal cigars. According to some studies, electric cig has helped many people in quitting smoking after considering multiple advantages like health benefits etc. Although there is no confirmation about this particular fact but according to some researchers, nicotine patch can be used along with e-cigar in order to quit smoking. By using this method, smoker can easily get rid of the habit of smoking normal cigars and enjoy the benefits of electric cigar.

E-Cigarettes vs. Normal Cigarettes Health Benefits

As we already know that electronic cigar does not contain any harmful chemicals and it also does not produce any kind of smoke or ash which is harmful to others around the smoker. Smoking normal cigars has been linked with some life threatening diseases like lung cancer, heart attack etc while no such health risks has been associated with electric cigar. The water vapor present in e-cigar consists only nicotine in negligible amounts hence it cannot cause any serious health risk for smokers who are looking forward to enjoying cigarette but in a safer way. There are many advantages involved when you decide to quit smoking which you can enjoy only after you stop using normal cigars. According to research, people who are willing to quit smoking can do it very easily by using electric cigar as they have enough reasons to encourage themselves for the same.

E-Cigarettes vs Normal Cigarettes Nicotine Content

There is no doubt that electronic cigar has some benefits over normal cigar but there are also certain drawbacks of e-cigar which make them less popular. The major problem with e-cigar is that they contain nicotine in high dosage and this makes them harmful if used on regular basis. Some researchers say that it is better if users limit their intake of nicotine gradually by opting for low powered cartridge or vaporizer which decreases the level of nicotine present in cigar. However, if you are looking for complete freedom from nicotine addiction then it is better to go for normal cigar because there are no chances of getting the same level of dosage in electric cig which can be dangerous for your health.

Electronic Cigarette Vs Normal Cigarettes Addiction

As we already know that e-cigar contains high amount of nicotine therefore they are less popular among smokers who want to enjoy smoking without being addicted to any type of substance present in normal cigars. According to some experts, electronic cigar is not a safe option because even though it does not contain hazardous chemicals but it has some other ingredients like propylene glycol which can harm human body. On the other hand, research made on regular cigars suggests that they do not have any negative effect on human body but they are highly addictive. As propylene glycol is the main ingredient used in electric cigar which is also used in anti-freeze so it can cause several side effects if taken frequently or if you are having any other medicine which contains glycol as an ingredient.

E-Cigarettes vs Normal Cigarettes Appearance

Electronic cigars have a sleek design with rechargeable batteries and cartridges containing nicotine flavor. It has LED light at the end of e-cigar which looks like tip of normal cigar. E-cigar does not produce any kind of smoke present in conventional cigars because there is no combustion involved during the process. On the other hand, normal cigars contains huge amount of carcinogenic content that makes them less favorable as compared to e-cigar.

Electronic Cigarette Vs Normal Cigarettes Tar content

Tar is the main culprit present in normal cigars which makes them hazardous for human health. According to recent research, electronic cigar does not contain any tar content but it has 20% of nicotine content which is not good for smokers who do it on a regular basis. However, if you are looking forward to enjoy smoking by reducing your intake of nicotine then there are chances that low powered cartridges can assist you with this purpose. On the other hand, normal cigars have 40 times more tar content as compared to electric cig which means they cannot be used without causing some serious problem for smoker?s health. Electronic cigarette vs normal cigarettes comparison clearly shows that there are many differences between two and it is better to opt for normal cigar if you love smoking and want to remain addicted.


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