Doing a Natural Kidney Cleanse at Home

The average person in the United States is loaded with toxic overload. Over 90% of Americans will have some type of kidney or gallbladder dysfunction by age 60, and most people are not even aware of this problem until it begins to affect their health.

Most Americans think cleansing means fasting on juices for a few days—that’s one option, but there are many other better choices. It’s smarter to choose a completely natural kidney to cleanse at home that allows you to lose weight while detoxifying your kidneys. This can be achieved with just a few carefully-chosen foods listed below.

The average American adult easily takes in over 25 pounds of toxins each year from air pollution alone! When you eat processed foods, drink tap water, breathe in polluted air, and use toxic body care products, the total toxic overload can easily reach over 40 pounds per year.

This is why you need to add a complete natural kidney cleanse at home with cleansing foods that will remove this toxin buildup from your kidneys, bladder, and urinary tract.

The following are 10 steps for detoxifying your kidneys naturally:

 Drink Water:

Drink one-half your body weight in ounces of purified water each day. If you weigh 150lbs., then drink 75 oz of purified water a day.

Eat These Foods Daily:

Turmeric—Add a teaspoon of turmeric to every meal, or take up to six capsules daily divided into three doses. -Cranberries—Eat lots of cranberries in their whole food form. Drink lots of cranberry juice, too! -Celery—Grate fresh celery into salads or eat several stalks raw each day.

 Reduce Your Intake of These Foods:

Salt—Reduce your salt intake to no more than 500 mg a day of natural sea salt from the health food store. Do not use common table salt as it is loaded with aluminum and other toxins that will accumulate in your kidneys, brain, and thyroid gland.

-Sugar—Avoid all forms of sugar including honey, maple syrup, and rice syrup as they contain high levels of mercury-like compounds called thiocyanates which can damage your kidneys over time.

 Avoid Cat Litter:

If you have a cat, make sure you use the non-clumping litter. Do ‘World’s Best Cat LitterTM’ – it is available at most health food stores and is made of natural ingredients like wheat, corn cobs, and pine.


Walk 30 minutes each day to improve kidney function.

Get Plenty of Rest:

Sleep 8 hours each night to reduce stress on your kidneys and promote better detoxification.

 Reduce Stress:

Prolonged stress can damage your kidneys so take time out for yourself daily to develop some personal relaxation techniques or do fun things that you enjoy doing with friends or family members regularly to reduce the toxic overload in your kidneys

 Drink Green Tea:

Green tea has been shown to cleanse your kidneys and liver, increase your energy levels, protect against cancer, reduce stress, and improve vision. Drink two cups of organic green tea daily to relax your mind and detoxify your kidneys.

Take A Break From Coffee:

Drink Up to Three Cups Daily Of Organic Coffee For Improved Kidneys And Health After You Do The Initial Cleanse. However, coffee is a diuretic so it will deplete valuable electrolytes in your body that you need for optimal kidney function.

Once you have completed the initial natural kidney cleanse at home using this program drinking coffee would be counterproductive as it would further deplete the valuable electrolytes that are needed for good kidney function.

kidney detox foods:

The kidneys need a little help from you to keep them free of waste and toxins. It is a very important part of the human body that filters our blood for any signs of illness or disease. This makes it one of the most important organs to take care of when your body is going through detox. Since they filter out everything, this can make them congested and not working properly which can lead to more harmful problems for your health.

If left untreated, kidney damage can happen from all the buildup from what you eat and drink along with other personal habits such as smoking or drug use.

Here are some ways you can detox your kidneys naturally:

Kidney Cleanse Foods:

1.)Cranberry Juice:

This juice is not only good for your urinary tract but also has many antioxidants that will help prevent future kidney damage.


It is a must that you consume enough water to keep your kidneys hydrated and flushed. This helps the toxins break down and flush out easier.


This sodium-free vegetable is a natural diuretic that can help those who suffer from water retention due to kidney issues.

4.)Beet Juice:

Besides being full of vitamins, this veggie juice is great for flushing any excess fluids or toxins from the kidneys as well as helping maintain healthy blood pressure levels.

signs that a kidney detox is working:

There are some signs to look for when you go through a kidney detox. Some of these signs include urinary tract health, reduction in bloating or swelling, healthy levels in your blood pressure, and overall good energy. If none of the above show any positive effects it is time to contact your doctor about what can be done next.

kidney detox does not work:

Some people may think that since there is no scientific evidence that these foods will do anything that they might as well eat whatever they want and not bother with them at all so you should take this advice with caution especially if your kidneys are suffering already. Other than this, remember most importantly to drink plenty of water daily to keep the rate and flush out toxins properly.

kidney detox only helps with water:

The kidneys are a vital part of our bodies and it is important to keep them healthy as you want the rest of your body to be. That being said a kidney detox diet can be harmful if you do not follow a proper regimen that includes drinking plenty of water already.

This will ensure that the toxins break down properly and flush out easier without any added interference from outside sources. You should still monitor what you eat and drink but also make sure you’re staying hydrated so they can work at their best ability.


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