salman and saiee

In 2019, she made her movie with Salman khan’s production, which was new and probably dangerous at your starting journey, which was Dabang 3. The actress is grateful to him as Salman gave him a chance to act and launched her on this Bollywood platform.

The actress is too busy handling two projects in the Hindi film industry. One is a Major movie that stares Adivi sesh. The other one is a south movie in the Telugu language called Ghani with Sunil Shetty.

Though she is very busy with her schedule, she is always in touch with her mentor is Salman khan, and she always reaches him for new opinions and methods or any other thing that career-related things can learn from him. She said this in one of her interviews, “I am very much in touch with him. He is fundamental in my life. I am glad that he showed trust in me, allowed me to be where I am today. I always consider his opinions and always talk with him for inputs. Whenever I am offered a project, I reach out to him.”

Salman khan is the type of family friend with Saiee’s father, who is Mahesh Manjrekar, and a lot of times, Salman has worked with him in several movies. Also, in the film he directs, the Final Truth and Salman are in a lead role. They have worked together, and they have been in a good relationship for so many years; therefore, he knew the talent and skill Saiee is having inside her.

Also, Saiee says that “I have known Salman sir ever since I was a kid. At this point, he knows my friends too (laughs!). My female friends used to come to the sets of Dabangg 3 to see him. He used to make them also comfortable. He has been delightful to them.”


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