ayushman khurrana and bhumi pednekar

Bhumi Pednekar’s film Dum Laga Ke Hasia with Ayushmann Khurana was an unconventional film with Sharat Kataria’s Bollywood debut. After that film, she has not done any films like that. Today the film has completed six years, and the actress is celebrating her six years with the film, while ETimes had an interview with her asking some questions on her experience and feelings about the movie she did.

Did you anticipate that you would receive so much appreciation for your debut film?

She didn’t know about anything, and she did not know what will be the results of her first film and how it will go. She thought that the only thing that mattered was the opportunity she had in this film and by this film. She was feeling lucky about how she started and also, she was working behind the camera, and also she says that she started at a very young age and I think that was true.

When she read the script of Dum Laga ke has, she knew that this would be the movie that she really wanted, and while working on this project, she did not know how things will be in this movie and how things will work after release. When the movie launched and it was a good movie, she is all thankful for such a great movie, and this movie had given a future to her journey.

Were you apprehensive about playing Sandhya?

There were so many of them before the project, but when she started playing and prepping up for it, she did not have any, and she was enjoying her journey of this movie. The transformation which she made was the major one throughout her journey till now. There were so many convictions being a girl, and that too the social changes she had to make was not easy, but then she deals with those changes.

There were high standards when she entered, and firstly it was challenging to handle such sudden changes but, then she adapted. She totally fits the character she was getting nervous and scared about because she thought she was just a city girl and can’t handle such projects, but she managed through the amazing movie.

The script was penned about 8-9 years before its release. You were chosen from among 100 women who auditioned for the role. Do you feel it all came together at the right time just for you?

She channelized everything in her mind because the only thing she wanted was to be a great actor, and for this role, many people had auditioned for the part, and luckily I was selected, and I am grateful for such a good thing. She was pleased about this film, and it was a great opportunity for her when she started this film and made many memories of this film’s set.


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