Here Are 5 Ways Spring-Cleaning Can Make You Healthier

1) Detoxify Your Home:

Make a point of detoxifying your home from top to bottom this spring. Getting rid of clutter can have a big impact on health, both physically and emotionally. Having fewer things means fewer surfaces for allergens to collect on, less stuff that can break or damage your skin, and less chance you’ll trip over something in the dark.

Use AllerZip fabric covers by Filtrete – made with an innovative 3-layer construction – to help remove dust mites and other allergy-triggering particles from your mattress and pillows at night so you sleep better + feel healthier.

But more than just a place to catch a few winks, working towards making your bedroom into a restful sanctuary is important for improved health and wellness. If you can, designate a special corner or space in your living room to keep newspapers, magazines, food containers/packaging, plastic bags, etc. Whatever doesn’t fit there can go into recycling or garbage!

2) Freshen Things Up:

Opening the windows is not only good for getting rid of clutter, but it helps improve air quality too Ozone levels are highest during the spring months because sunlight triggers chemical reactions between nitrogen oxide emissions from cars and vapors emitted by oil refineries.

While ozone itself isn’t harmful to humans at ground level, it forms airborne particles that are linked with lung problems ranging from asthma attacks to chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). So keep things clean and make outside air meet inside air with Air O Swiss’s range of stylish, table-top purifiers.

Back in the home, avoid household cleaners with harsh chemicals by trying natural solutions like vinegar and baking soda (a paste made with these ingredients will help remove most stains). Try something like Seventh Generation’s line of green cleaning products to easily clean your place without the need for harmful chemicals around kids or pets.

3) Clean Out Your Floors:

Getting rid of clutter will also relieve stress. Just the act of cleaning up is enough to soothe some people’s minds as they help them look forward to a cleaner, neater home ahead. Remember though, you don’t have to take it ALL!

Throw away broken items and clothes that can’t be repaired or cleaned – leave those special ones for someone else who could benefit from your donation. Give your floors a good scrub with Seventh Generation’s 100% plant-based cleaners which are a safe way to clean without toxic chemicals around you and your family members.

4) Wash Your Window Treatments:

If you have window blinds or curtains, wash them both inside and out this spring to keep things looking fresh + ensure you and your family aren’t breathing in dust and allergens. You can avoid using harsh chemicals on them by cleaning with a mixture of one cup of white vinegar + two cups of water (use a spray bottle for small jobs). It’s also important to clean window treatments regularly as they’re often the perfect place for germs and grime to grow!

5) Clean Your Air Conditioner:

When you turn your AC unit on this spring, make sure it’s clean first. A dirty AC unit makes maintaining healthy indoor air quality nearly impossible; many contaminants like mold, pet dander, and mildew can build up inside and around the machine itself.

And excess dirt and debris can block ventilation systems that allow cool air into your home – causing your AC unit to work harder, leading to increased energy costs. You can manually clean your AC by disconnecting the power source, removing the outside panel, and spraying down the interior with a hose.

Benefits of being clean and organized:

– It boosts happiness.  A clean house says so much about you, and it has even been linked with certain health benefits like reduced stress emissions.

– It reduces clutter – leaving you feeling free and unburdened.  It’s the perfect way to detox mentally, physically, and emotionally.

– Kicking your spring cleaning into gear will give you more time to spend doing what you love this season without worrying about fussing around with your home!

– Freshly cleaned rooms leave a long-lasting shine that will inspire you to keep things tidy in the future too!

Take action today for a spring makeover of your own; take back control one room at a time until your happy + healthy home is shining once again.

Air O Swiss offers a range of stylish, table-top purifiers for your home. They come in different colors and sizes, to suit any room or decor that you have. We recommend the Air O Swiss 7135 Classic which is efficient at removing common allergens from the air, while also doubling up as an essential oil diffuser to keep your home smelling fresh! It has 7 settings so you can adjust it to suit your needs – giving you peace of mind knowing you’re breathing clean air inside your home.


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