How to Choose The Right Yoga Top For Your Body Type

So here is the deal:

It’s not just about looking good on the mat. This time we’re tackling some more physical aspects of yoga wear and how to choose the right top for your body type. Here we go:

#1 Triangle or Square Top

Keeps you cool and open in Tadasana (Mountain Pose) and Bhujangasana (Cobra Pose). Draws attention away from the hips and thighs, making it a winner over most round-neck tops which accentuate this area. You can pull it off with almost all shapes of pants because of its versatility. Plus, wide straps won’t dig into your shoulders like skinny ones do! So yeah, you can wear it on and off the mat.

#2 Square Neck Top

This is also a great choice because it creates a slimming effect and an elongated look. If you have broad shoulders, make sure to go for straps that are at least 1″ wide. And if you feel like wearing a scarf or shawl with your top, go ahead! Just don’t hide your beautiful square neckline under a blanket or wrap – this will negate all of its effects. So wear it with confidence – it looks best on tall girls who have strong lines going from their shoulder down through their hips . In other words: tall and thin gals should definitely choose the right yoga tops for their body type.

#3 Regular Crop Style Made from soft cotton or modal fabric, this style of yoga top offers just the right amount of coverage without being frumpy or showing too much skin. It’s great for girls who have slightly defined waists, because it accentuates that area and may even help broaden the shoulders. But if you are blessed with a beautiful silhouette , wear something looser at your lower half to balance out your curves.

#4 Regular Scoop Neck Top

This is an awesome choice for medium-framed athletic gals . It creates nice depth in Tadasana (Mountain Pose) by creating some height through the chest up into the neckline. If you’re petite, choose one that does not balloon out at your waistline – it will only make you look shorter. Make sure to check the stitching of your top, too.

For example, if you have a small bust , make sure that there is no extra fabric at the underarms or across the chest that’ll draw attention downwards. Also avoid cut-outs or ruching in that area, which will only emphasize the problem further. And lastly, skip out on any yoga tops with banjee-style side slits – their big openings will enlarge your hips and take away from the strong upward lines coming from your shoulders into your neck .

#5 Racerback Style This style is best for those who don’t want to show much skin but still require some breathing room between their shoulder blades and arms (who’s with me?). It’s even better if it has a back pocket for your iPhone! Just make sure that the racerback straps are wide enough, not too high up under your armpits, and not so low that they cut into your shoulders. The stitching at the lower part should be smooth otherwise you will have wrinkles right over your abdomen. And lastly, don’t try to hide well-toned arms with this style – embrace them by wearing appropriate yoga tops .

#6 Sleeveless Top This is perfect for those who want to maintain an air of mystery or just want their biceps to speak for themselves. More often than not, sleeveless tops have spaghetti straps which help elongate the torso and draw attention towards all those wonderful Dandasana poses (Staff Pose). Just make sure to wear a top that isn’t too wide on your shoulders – it will only make your shoulders look broader and you’ll end up looking like an Olympic swimmer. And also avoid any sleeveless tops with thick straps as they can cut into your neck .

#7 Halter Top As I’ve mentioned earlier, most yoga tops fall under the body-skimming category. But if you absolutely must go for something form-fitting or attention is what you’re after, then this is the perfect style for you! A halter tie top will draw attention to your neck and traps and emphasize open chest poses like Apanasana (Wind Reliever) and Pranayama (Breath Control). Avoid halter tops with thick straps and one-shoulder designs – they can make you look top heavy and squished .

#8 Crop Top If you’re comfortable wearing spandex short sets at the gym but feel a little shy in doing so at yoga class, then this is the style for you. These babies sit right under your breasts and offer tremendous ventilation (yay!) while still maintaining a bit of sexiness. And though most are rather form-fitting, yogi-friendly features include wider straps that do not slip or cut into your skin, back pockets for your house key/ID/phone , an open waistband to help elongate your core, small slits along the sides for someassiness, and high stitching to prevent wrinkling.

#9 Long Tank Top Yoga tank tops are not just for layering under your favorite yoga crop tops, they’re also great by themselves. They’ll keep you cool and comfortable on the mat with their flowy cuts, smooth stitching , stretchable fabrics, open waistbands , and almost sheer material that makes it so breezy to do Pranayama breathing exercises. Just avoid any yoga tanks with thick straps as they can wiggle around your shoulders, ride up in poses where you need to have your arms stretched out or high-stitched hems that may feel too tight for long torsos .

#10 Loose Tunic This is perfect if you like having a little more coverage than what regular yoga pants provide (even though you may still feel a little exposed). But you won’t be looking like the Dali Lama with your cool and hip tunic, they’re just as flattering as all those other styles mentioned in this list. So when choosing one that’s good for yoga, look out for detailed stitching, smooth fabric, and open waistbands . And if you’re worried about tank tops riding up in poses where you need to keep your arms stretched out (like headstands ), make sure to pick loose tunics with wide cuffs/arms or long cardigans.

#11 Raglan Top Workout clothes seem to come with caveats: the more comfortable they are, the less sexy they look; and if they can make you look sexy , they won’t be comfortable. And then there are the raglan tops that get the best of both worlds, they’re not only stylish but also sporty . The extra-wide sleeves will give you more coverage (so you won’t flash anyone) while still allowing your hands to be free for poses like Vrksasana (Tree Pose). You can even wear them over leggings if you plan on doing seated forward bends or meditating in child’s pose.

#12 Long Sleeve Top This style is perfect for when it starts getting chilly in class. But aside from being warm, long sleeve yoga tops have their own benefits – specifically when it comes down to standing poses where your arms need to be stretched outwards. A lot of long sleeve tops come with thumbholes, which you can use to cover up your wrists and forearms. Other features to look out for are extra-long hems that won’t ride up in poses where your hands need to be flat on the floor/mat, material that’s stretchable enough to buy a size or two bigger than usual so it doesn’t feel tight against you while still hugging at all the right areas, and a wide open waistband that will not cut into your midsection when you’re bending over.

#13 Crop Top + Leggings This is perfect if you tend to get cold easily or just want an extra layer of warmth before starting class. They’re cute because you can show off your abs but also functional as these cropped yoga tops come with long leggings or tights. Just make sure that the crop top has no thick straps that can cut into your shoulders, high-stitched hems that may feel too tight for long torsos, and fabric that’s lightweight but not sheer (especially if you’re doing sun salutations).

#14 Crop Top + Yoga Pants If you want to look good in class yet still be comfortable enough to take on an intense vinyasa flow, try having this set as part of your gym wear. The secret to pulling off this style is through the fabrics used – workout crops with mesh panels to allow airflow so you won’t overheat, and yoga pants made from 4-way stretchable material . This means you can move and bend as much as possible without worrying about your pants getting in the way. You should also wear plenty of sports bras to support yourself during tough workouts, or else yoga crops may ride up in poses where you need your arms stretched out horizontally (like high plank).

#15 Leggings + Shirt This is perfect for when it’s getting colder outside but still too hot inside the gym because of all the people who rely on ACs to keep them cool while working out. Instead of wearing tank tops that will make you feel chilly when they get wet with sweat , opt for an oversized cotton shirt instead. And for legwear, go with leggings with big pockets where you can stash your phone or keys so it doesn’t fall out when you’re upside-down. The most important thing to look for in leggings that won’t hinder your workout is a high waistband that can cover your entire stomach area up to where you ribs begin, and a material made from four-way stretchable fibers so you can still move easily even with the extra fabric.

#16 Sports Bra + Yoga Pants When it comes to yoga pants, choose those with a wide waistband because this will help prevent them from getting folded over – or worse, undone – during poses like Prasarita Padottanasana (Wide-Legged Forward Bend). Workout clothes with built-in sports bras are also great as they’ll keep everything in place without restricting too much movement.


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