How to Recognize a Migraine Aura?

Aura is a complex of neurological symptoms, which occurs before or during a migraine. Aura is experienced by 15-30% of migraineurs and the most common form of the aura is visual aura.

Other than visual symptoms, there are cognitive, sensory, and motor phenomena that comprise an aura.

The duration of the aura varies greatly among individuals ranging between 5mins to 2 hours depending upon the type of aura experienced. However, it usually lasts for less than an hour after which the headache phase begins. It’s important to distinguish between typical migraines with auras and other conditions because some medications used in treatment will not be effective if these conditions are misdiagnosed.

Given below are some helpful tips on how to recognize conditions better:

How can you tell the difference between a migraine and epilepsy?

Some people can have both conditions at once or one after the other. If you are concerned about your symptoms, please consult your doctor to find out what’s right for you.

How do I know if I’m having an aura caused by a seizure versus something else like migraines?

Some key differences may help you decide whether it is seizures or migraines causing these symptoms:

1) Aura with Seizures vs. Migraine Aura:

It is easier to identify seizures because there are more physical manifestations of the seizure episode which include muscle spasms, tongue biting, loss of bladder control or shaking limbs, etc. However, it also depends on where in the brain the seizure is originating.

2) Aura with Seizures vs. Migraine:

When you have a migraine aura, your symptoms start gradually getting worse throughout 2-5mins and then level off for about 20 mins before they go away completely. It may also transform into head pain at this point

3) Aura with Seizures vs. Migraine:

The headache that follows after an aura can be severe or milder depending on how much aura you experience and it’s usually throbbing in nature as well as unilateral (on one side of the head).

4) Aura with Seizures vs. Migraine:

Another difference between migraine and epilepsy-related anuras is that those who have migraines, experience symptoms that are specific to the area of the brain where it is originating. For example, aura symptoms can include hallucinations like seeing zigzag lines before your eyes or smelling strange odors, etc.   Seizure related anurans usually affect motor functions which means you will experience tingling or jerking in your arms/legs etc

5) Aura with Seizures vs. Migraine:

Some headaches are caused by conditions other than migraines, like sinusitis (a sinus infection), cluster headaches, rebound headaches, etc. These types of headaches have different characteristics from migraine ones. One way to distinguish between them is to try to avoid triggers that cause these headaches and if they go away then it’s probably migraines.

6) Aura with Seizures vs. Migraine:

If you have a history of epilepsy or seizures, you may be wondering if your symptoms are due to a seizure or a migraine aura. You must keep track of when your symptoms occur and how long they last to come up with an accurate conclusion.     The best way is to keep a journal that includes all these details so that it can be referred back when needed again in the future.

7) Aura with Seizures vs. Migraine:

In general, although there are many types of auras experienced by epileptics, most have very distinct signs and symptoms from those caused by migraines! But given the individual differences in the way people experience seizures and migraines it can get confusing at times.

8) Aura with Seizures vs. Migraine:

If you think that your seizures are not being adequately controlled or even if you have been seizure-free for a long time, it is always best to visit your doctor to consider other possible treatment options which may work better for you.

Also keep talking to family members about how you’re feeling each day as they may be able to notice a pattern emerging from those subtle changes in behavior or mood!


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