How to Work Out Safer and Smarter During the COVID-19 Winter

To help those who have been training for over a year now, I will now guide you through some of the workouts during this winter. In no way is it possible for me to obtain all coordinates, so it might be best if you obtain as many as possible from your leader or by asking them directly.

The detailed guides below are mostly going to cover the basics and may not be 100% accurate in real-life situations, but they should give a rough idea of how much needs to be done.

If you’re relatively new it wouldn’t hurt to do at least 50 runs (maybe more) before using this guide, because of new COs like Erika Stone and Stark Tower. Most importantly, however, ALWAYS test the training stamina on a map with over 100+ Stamina, because you don’t want to waste your time and supplies during the winter.

– You may wonder why I said 50-100 runs? It’s because to get the most out of this guide you will need to run safes and low-level trains (most of which go below 100) and almost all high-level players have no use for that type of workout. My point is if you’re going to skip any workouts then train higher than 90 until Safes start becoming useful again.

– Another thing to note is that sometimes there are multiple hotspots with trains at any given time, so bear in mind that not all coordinates listed here may be taken;

– This guide is divided into multiple sections, the first section asks you to do runs between 90 – 100 stamina. The second section asks you to do runs between 60 – 90 Stamina. The last section asks you to only run Safe(s) until Stamina reaches below 40.

– I made this guide with Erika Stone in mind, but it can also be used for Stark Tower too, so please follow it accordingly!

– When doing trains always bring a good amount of APCs along with an Engineer or two just in case your train gets destroyed by COs like Kanbei or Sensei (don’t forget the extra fuel because Destroyers don’t have Fuel Reserves). Also remember that if you’re running more than 1 combat map and it’s an even number (1-6), then bring at least 1 Artillery to take out the copters that will be on your right or left.

– Don’t do any workouts that involve runs below 60 Stamina, you’re putting yourself at risk of getting sniped by Harriers because your APCs can’t shoot them down (Yes, they still get damaged but not enough to deal with a huge amount).

Covid and breathing cold air:

as a citizen of a third-world country, it puts me to shame that we have some “so-called scholars” in our universities. do not get me wrong, I am not trying to devalue the work they do, but sometimes someone on this earth comes up with an idea whose simplicity is truly amazing. just imagine if these people were employed by something like IBM or RIM or any other company on this planet, their names would have been known from east to west and north-south.

How to work out safely during covid:

1. start with base training by doing at least 2-3 runs of 100 stamina (this means 100% of your current stamina). you may get a better result during these runs, do not get disappointed if this happens, because you might hit the jackpot and get a map with fuel left or an extra APC.

2.  next up is the safe run (a safe run is when you do not use any APCs during your run and make sure to bring at least 1 engineer along just in case). this means that you will be doing the following:

a) train between 60-90 stamina, just enough so that it does not kill you but still gives out a good amount of points. I suggest you go for 2-3 runs with this one before moving on to step 3.


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