MS Exercises for Better Balance and Coordination?

We all know what Multiple Sclerosis is. It’s an autoimmune disease which essentially means the body attacks itself, particularly the myelin sheath of nerve cells. As a result, neurons are left exposed, and signals slow down or stop entirely. That results in neurological problems including loss of vision, numbness, tingling sensations, and overall pain. The good thing about it is that therapies exist to control its progression or even reverse it (to some extent). One such therapy is known as EXERCISE.

No doubt, this therapy has shown promising signs but still, much research needs to be conducted because factors like EXACTLY WHAT EXERCISE will help WHEN TO EXERCISE, etc need to be clarified. Here we cover 3 types of exercises that can help people suffering from multiple sclerosis.

1) Coordination Exercises:

Most Multiple Sclerosis patients have difficulty with movement due to the many problems they face in controlling their muscles. This type of exercise is specifically designed for them. Coordination exercises are using two objects at a time, be it spinning balls, tapping fingers, or simply balancing on an unstable surface. The point here is to follow commands given by your brain and do exactly what you’ve been asked to do (hence the term COORDINATION).


Spinning 2 balls while sitting down, Tapping fingertips while sitting, etc.

2) Balance Exercises:

As the name implies, this kind of exercise is to improve your BALANCE. Even though everyone seems to have the ability to balance things but basic exercises are needed for people with balance issues. This can be done by standing on one leg or trying to walk outside while blindfolded etc. The idea is you shouldn’t lose stability even when doing something as simple as walking, making up for the neurological problems faced by MS patients.


Balancing on 1 leg, Balancing on a roller board, Walking blindfolded, etc.

3) Strength Exercises:

If you think you’re strong enough, try this extremely side-effecting exercise called WEIGHT BEARING CURSUS DESCONTINUS (Yes that’s how it’s written). It’s standing on one leg while holding weights in your hand. Sounds easy? Well, it isn’t because you can’t use your legs for support, since that’s exactly what the exercise wants to avoid.

It only uses the muscles of your upper body (mostly shoulders) to keep yourself balanced. The reason behind this, as told by physiotherapists, is that if someone has lost his/her balance then all he/she does is put their hands out to push themselves back up and hence strengthen their arms. So basically WEIGHT BEARING CURSUS DESCONTINUS makes you develop better MUSCLE RESISTANCE which in turn helps REHABILITATE THE PATIENT.


Weight-bearing exercises like push-ups, weight lifting, etc.

These exercises can help people with multiple sclerosis improve their health. But as usual, they should first consult a doctor to know if such exercises suit them or not and then go ahead with it.

The aim of this article is only to educate so that the patient gets aware of what kind of exercise he/she should do and when. It was also written to clear some misconceptions about MS (like its curable) and inform people how science has progressed in treating it.


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