nick priyanka

When they got married, Nick Jonas is a perfect husband for Priyanka Chopra, and with his latest hit of the album ‘Spaceman,’ which is a tribute to the love for her wife. He dropped this song this Friday, and it is the title track of his third solo album.

The touted album was considered to be the album of fears of isolation. Still, more of it was considered to be the love for her wife in the form of his love letters. In an interview, he also describes that the song is all about finding his way back to love and admitted that most of his songs are love letters to his wife.

This is not the first time that any star or actor, or singer is dedicating love in the form of letters. Last time, nick won husband points on releasing his album ‘five more minutes’ with the Jonas brothers. Fans were totally convinced and were in love with his songs for Priyanka Chopra.

‘Right now, you look too good to me; I cannot fathom letting you leave. You got important places to be, Just please not yet (2). Give me five more minutes,’ this was the verse in that song.


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