Today is the death anniversary of the beautiful actress of the Hindi cinema, Madhubala. On 23 February 1969, Madhubala said goodbye to the world at 36 due to heart disease. Although you must have heard many stories of Madhubala, today we are going to tell you the story of the love of Madhubala underworld don.

By the way, it is well known that many times the heart of Bollywood heroines has come on the don of the underworld, and many times the don has also fallen on the beauty of heroines. Today, we will talk about the underworld don who used to take life on Madhubala. He was willing to pay all costs to get Madhubala. This don was none other than Bombay’s famous don Haji Mastan.

Haji Mastan loved Madhubala very much and was fond of her. His craze for Madhubala was to the extent that he wanted to marry her. There was also a friendship between the two, but before he could express his love for Madhubala, Madhubala passed away from this world after becoming ill.

While Haji Mastan was shocked by the death of Madhubala, the fate of Sona was revealed by his death. Sona looked exactly like Madhubala. When Sona’s entry into films, it was as if Madhubala has returned. The film industry people were also shocked to see so much similarity between the faces and faces of both of them with laughter and accents. Haji spent a lot of money on Sona, but his films could not play.

Haji was already married, but it never affected Haji and Sona’s relationship. It is said that Haji Mastan never fired on anyone, but with his style, he maintained his influence. Now let’s talk about Madhubala, who had a hole in her heart and had a problem in her lungs.

Apart from this, he had another serious disease in which more blood started to form in his body than required, and this blood used to come out of his nose and mouth. Her illnesses so gripped Madhubala that she remained bedridden for nine years and finally succumbed one day.


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