Top 9 Benefits of Sleeping Naked?

#1. You’ll Save Money on Bed Linen:

If you’re sleeping naked, then you won’t need to buy as many bedsheets as before! A solid cotton sheet can be used on its own during the summer months and worn under a duvet in the winter.

#2. Reduce Exposure to Toxic Chemicals:

Chemical exposure is a major concern for everyone these days and certain materials used in your clothing and bedding can lead to an increased exposure to toxins such as BPA (used to make plastics), phthalates (used to soften PVC plastic), and dioxins (released when fabrics like rayon are made into clothes). These chemicals may disrupt your hormone levels, can cause negative effects on the reproductive organs, and have been linked to breast cancer.

For a long time, it was believed that natural fabrics such as cotton were safer when in fact recent studies have discovered this may not be the case. They found that some of these so-called ‘natural’ materials can contain high levels of toxins too! So just wearing cotton is no longer good enough either.

If you’re going to sleep naked then there’s no need for any additional bedding at all, which means less fabric in contact with your body and therefore reduces your overall exposure to these chemicals greatly. Plus if you go 100% cotton for your sheets and duvet cover, then this will reduce your chemical exposure even more because cotton has been shown to release fewer toxins than polycotton blends.

#3. Improves your Body Image:

One clue to unlocking the secret of why sleeping naked helps improve body image lies in the term ’embodied cognition. This is a new concept based on the belief that our bodies are not separate from our thoughts and feelings, but rather they are intrinsically connected.

If you wear loose-fitting clothes at night while you sleep, then this could make you feel too hot or itchy which over time can increase your discomfort levels and ultimately affect how you view yourself. Removing these barriers means that your body feels more relaxed so therefore subconsciously improves self-image.

Alternatively wearing tight-fitting clothes will restrict movement during sleep which again, can increase discomfort levels and in turn lead to a negative body image.

#4. More Restful Sleep:

Sleeping naked helps to get a better night’s sleep because the skin temperature regulating system works together with the heart and nervous systems, which means that your body can regulate its temperature more efficiently if you’re wearing less clothing or none at all.

This means that you’ll feel warmer when you need to and cooler when required too, something sleeping will pajamas and nighties cannot do! Plus if it’s hot and humid try sleeping with no bedding for a while instead of turning on the air conditioning; this will help lower body temperature naturally. Read about Hans Selye, an endocrinologist who discovered stress was the leading cause of illness.

#5. Helps Fight off Bacteria:

Sleeping naked reduces the number of times you need to wash bedding and this can have a positive effect on your overall hygiene levels too. Bacteria thrive in warm, moist conditions so if you cover yourself with a sheet all night long, this means bacteria is more likely to breed and spread germs more frequently too.

#6. Makes it Easier to Say No:

If you find yourself having difficulty saying no to others, then sleeping naked can give you a little more confidence in how you choose to interact with people during the day.

When we sleep our mind rests but our body is still active so if we spend eight hours wearing restrictive clothing with lots of buttons, zips, and fasteners, this inhibits movement meaning less time for our brain to recharge itself naturally. Sleeping naked or using loose-fitting pajamas will give your brain a longer opportunity to rest and recuperate, meaning it’s much easier to say no because you’ve got the mental energy available to do so.

#7. You feel more connected with nature:

Wearing even the most minimal of clothing completely changes our relationship with nature because they act as barriers that can disrupt this connection. If we go outside without any clothes on, there is more contact between our skin and the surface of the earth, which some people believe has healing properties; something sleeping naked can help enhance.

This may sound far-fetched but try it for yourself; take off all your clothes (keeping them nearby) before going out into an open space like a park or garden during sunlight hours. Notice how free your skin feels and how different it is to wear even the most minimal of clothing.

#8. It’s good for your health:

There are many health benefits associated with sleeping naked, but here are a few you might find interesting; Sleeping without clothes increases vitamin D exposure which helps keep bones strong and also boosts immunity; keeping cool at night has been shown to reduce the risk of cancer (while overheating may increase the chances); wearing tight jammies or pajamas can restrict blood flow which means less oxygen gets to the brain… Not something we want! Because we know that exposure to sunlight is important, we produce vitamin D in response to exposure; this research shows that 8% of people produce no vitamin D in winter.

#9. It’s more natural:

One of the big reasons sleeping naked is good for us is because it’s what we would naturally do if clothes didn’t exist.

What’s great about this is that it means we’re also more likely to do good things when we sleep naked because our body is regulated in a way that’s similar to how our ancestors were.


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