What is bipolar disorder?

Bipolar Disorder is a group of mood disorders characterized by periods of mania or hypomania (a less severe form of mania) and depression.

Manic symptoms:

–  Inflated self-esteem

– The decreased need for sleep

– Racing thoughts and talking quickly

– Engaged in activities with high risk and unpredictable outcomes (sex, gambling, reckless driving, etc.)

Bright light therapy is effective in the treatment of a bipolar disorder, especially when used along with medication. It is also important that we discuss how bright light therapy works before delving into this topic.

Before we do so it must be noted that uncontrolled studies such as most light therapy studies have been done. Thus there is a need for more extensive and controlled studies before we can conclusively state that bright light therapy helps in bipolar disorder treatment.

How does bright light therapy work:

Light affects circadian rhythms, which regulate sleep-wake cycles and hormone secretion. The pineal gland produces the hormone called melatonin, whose production is inhibited by exposure to light. In addition, exposure to bright lights suppresses the secretion of serotonin, a neurotransmitter that may play a significant role in depression.

In those with winter bipolar disorder depression, patients will often experience relief from depressive symptoms when exposed to sunlight or full-spectrum lighting as it mimics natural outdoor light. Seasonal affective disorder (SAD) is a subtype of bipolar disorder. It includes depressive symptoms during the fall/winter months with remission in spring.

Side effects:

– Headaches

– Nausea

– Irritability

– Difficulty falling asleep  or staying asleep at night (insomnia)

Light therapy for SAD is effective but more controlled studies are still needed before we can conclude that it affects the treatment of bipolar disorder. Again, like most light therapy studies that have been done to date, this study does not include control groups and thus it would be unwise to come to any conclusion without further more extensive studies including control groups.

Bipolar disorder symptoms:-the biggest dilemma is confronting mood swings or bipolar disorder, as it may cause a lot of problems in the person’s life. The problem is huge with huge numbers of people suffering from it. This makes them worry more and suffer majorly due to their condition and how they are dealing with this illness.

Many people think about speaking to someone who can help them with their problems but often hesitate for fear of being judged by others which only worsens the situation and might trigger further depression, stress, and anxiety leading to mental health issues. No one is alone with the problem and speaking to someone who has been through something similar, is a source of inspiration. It helps them without being judged by others which in turn takes away the feeling of being stigmatized or talked about.

Bipolar disorder symptoms are bipolar disorder signs that are exhibited by patients suffering from bipolar disorder or manic depressive illness. These signs are noticed when they go through an episode of either end of mood swing where they feel very happy, overly active leading to reckless behavior which interferes with their normal life and causes various problems at their workplace which might lead to loss of job if not handled on time.

This might cause serious relationship problems with husband/wife or family members/friends leading to stress and anxiety depression while dealing with it. Some simple bipolar disorder signs might help you understand the problem of mental illness if you happen to know someone who is suffering from it.

Types of bipolar disorder: There are three types of bipolar disorder

– Bipolar I Disorder (extreme manic episodes either with or without depressive episodes) -Bipolar II Disorder (only mild to moderate manic episodes with major depression) -Cyclothymic disorder (a milder form of manic and depressive episodes but quite often than not cycle between each other making it difficult for the person to lead a normal life. This type is most common among people who have a family history of bipolar )

Get your bipolar test done:

People suffering from this illness suffer silently due to fear of being judged by others which makes their condition worse leading to more serious consequences that might prove fatal later on due to extreme stress, anxiety depression. They must help as quickly as possible by consulting a psychiatrist or psychologist who can help them by guiding them through the process of recovery.

Bipolar disorder treatment:

The best way to manage the symptoms of this illness is by following bipolar disorder treatment which includes medications, therapy, or even both depending on how serious their condition is.

The combination of certain medications and psychotherapy helps in controlling the illness for good without any relapse. But it also depends on how willing you are towards your recovery at the initial stages where you might not be very open about your emotions but should try to open up slowly with time as it will help you cope with various problems that may arise due to your mental health issue.

self-help way:

Some simple steps can help them lead a normal life without much difficulty if followed carefully under expert guidance. It starts with knowing more about bipolar disorder symptoms which helps them understand their problem well enough to consult professional help. It also helps them to take preventive steps and lead a normal life without any difficulty.


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