Why Yoga Is the Easiest Way to Stay Fit in Winter

When the winter breeze starts to kiss your skin, it’s time for you to make a move. But with these weather conditions what can be the easiest way to keep yourself active? Yoga! Yes, it is indeed an easy way out to stay fit in winter. Because many yoga poses will provide you amazing benefits even when done in cold climes.

Here are some of those poses:

1) Surya Namaskar:

It is one of the best practices especially during the winter season as it increases blood circulation around the body and also keeps your muscles healthy and active, provides flexibility throughout your body, improves digestion, etc. Ensure that after performing Surya namaskar you should take light meals so that the benefits of Surya namaskar are not nullified.

2) Vajrasana:

Vajrayana is also known as thunderbolt pose or diamond pose which helps you to energize your body and maintain good digestive health. It’s one of the effective yoga poses for wintertime. Even though it appears simple, on performing this you will feel a big difference in your body.

3) Meditation:

Meditation is a kind of exercise that improves mind-body coordination and focus. It enhances self-knowledge and a good understanding of yourself. If done every day, meditation has a positive impact on our lives and makes us more aware, confident, etc. And it doesn’t matter even if you perform meditation near a heater, because initially you might feel warm but gradually you will feel comfortable.

4) Bakasana:

This yoga pose is also known as crow pose and it strengthens your arms, shoulder, back muscles and develops both flexibility and balance. It involves a lot of upper body strength to perform this because by clasping the arms tight one has to lift the bottom half of the body into position.

Ensure that during performing bakasana your gaze should be fixed towards the ceiling, your neck should be in a neutral position, lower abdomen engaged, knees bent outwards, feet pointing straight forward with a firm grip on the floor, etc.

5) Khapalbhati:

Khapalbhati is a kind of breathing exercise that improves. It helps you to flush toxins out. It’s an effective way of getting rid of excess fat. And this yoga pose is also known as brain cleansing because it flushes all the toxins, removing thoughts from your mind bringing freshness. During performing this you should remember to keep your mouth closed and breathe only through the nose then practice 20 times a day.

6) Ardha Matsyendrasana:

This yoga pose is very beneficial because it increases the blood flow towards the head region which makes us mentally relaxed, strengthens our back muscles, improves digestion, increases height, etc. One can perform Ardha matsyendrasana while sitting on a chair or while standing on feet or even while traveling in some vehicle or while flying in aircraft too.

7) Vipareetha Karani:

Vipareetha Karani is also known as Reverse action pose and it involves inversion of the body by inverting or turning the body upside down. This yoga pose provides a lot of benefits. Some of them are relieving stress, helping in migraine, helping to calm mental tension, improving posture, toning up shoulder muscles, etc.

8) Trikonasana:

It is one of the effective yoga poses which have a deep impact on hips and legs. Trikonasana strengthens your back muscles. One can perform this while standing or sitting on a chair or even while traveling in some vehicle too.

9) Dhanurasana:

Practicing dhanurasana helps you to stimulate appetite and improve indigestion. This yoga pose is also known as bow pose which helps in toning up arms, legs, buttocks, abdomen muscles, etc. Try to maintain a curve from head to heels while performing this because an unhealthy spine will have a direct impact on your neck muscles too.

10) Dandayamana Janushirasana:

It’s a kind of yoga that strengthens abdominal organs, tones up back muscles, and improves the digestion system. While doing this one should keep their gaze down towards the floor without any strain in the neck region. And it can be performed during traveling or while taking rest near heater etc.

11) Shavasana:

Shavasana is an important form of relaxation which has a major impact on our mental and physical health. By performing this one can maintain good blood circulation throughout the body, it enhances the working of the heart, respiratory system. It’s a kind of Yoga that helps to keep the body and mind calm.

12) Chakrasana:

Another effective yoga poses for strengthening your leg muscles is because by practicing chakrasana you have to lift your bottom half into position to ensure that proper grip is maintained over the floor during practice. And people suffering from low back pain should avoid this yoga form because chakrasana needs a lot of upper body strength.

13) Phalakasana:

One can perform phalakasana whether sitting or standing by keeping their arms wide apart from thighs with palms facing down. It can also be performed during traveling or while flying in some vehicle.

14) Padahastasana:

This yoga pose is very useful because it stimulates both arms and legs which helps to keep the balance between the upper and lower body. And one should perform padahastasana by standing on feet with a straight back. In doing so, ensure that you feel a stretch from the hamstring muscles as well as calf muscles too.

15) Parvatasana:

While performing this you have to raise your hands upwards with palms facing towards the ceiling which makes parvatasana different from other yogas poses. And people suffering from low back pain should avoid this yoga form because if proper grip is not maintained over the floor then there may be a strain on lower back muscles.

16) Chaturanga Dandasana:

This is the most beneficial yoga form because practicing chaturanga dandasana you have to lift your bottom half into position so it will help in strengthening arms, shoulders, legs, and buttocks. And one should perform chaturanga dandasana by bending elbows with body straight, chin lock to the chest and maintain that pose for a few seconds then slowly come down again.


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