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All these years, each actress tries to be fit either by yoga or by gym mostly, but this actress Yami Gautam took yoga for practising, and this form of fitness put her into trouble with a neck injury for many years. She has been struggling a lot due to this injury, and in August 2020, she had also shared a post in which she describes her struggle and pain during her entire journey, and how she kept with the pain and kept going on, she describes how she managed her odds due to her neck pain.

She wrote in her post, “This lockdown, I got to explore something which I couldn’t before! Every time I tried practising yoga, I would be left more in pain due to my condition. Hence my experience never encouraged me to continue. But this time, I self-tutored my way through and allowed my body to heal itself inside out, and it has worked like never before! This lockdown was not about looking fit’ or ‘workout of the day’ … it was the time where I listened and just went with the flow (sic),”

Hearing this rarely spoken issue of Yami Gautam, the Bala actress spoke to Bombay times about her neck injury, which was not known till this date that the actress is suffering from such serious injuries which are not seen, but it is internally affecting her.

Yami also says that “It happened one morning when I was heading to the university in Chandigarh. I was on the highway riding my two-wheeler when the car ahead gave the wrong signal. The driver signalled that she would be going right but instead turned left and knocked me down. The car sped away without stopping. It was swift and too sudden to register what had happened. I am thankful that I was wearing my helmet. I was unable to move and could have been run over by another passing vehicle. However, a man pulled over and helped me get back on my feet.”

She also explains in detail what happened and how does it affect her for so many years and how he managed the odds, and how she performed so well, “This accident happened during winter, and you know, up north we have to wear many layers of clothes. Thanks to the weather, I was wearing multiple layers, and thus, it saved me from any external injuries. I had no scars and bruises. However, the accident left me with an internal injury. The doctors told me it was a fracture in the neck. At that point, I realised how serious the injury was, especially when they told me that I would never work out in my life. Back then, I wanted to be an IAS officer.”

She is in such a profession that it requires a lot of hard work to maintain the fitness level, in some movies you must need to gain the weight for the lead character roles and ins some you have to lose as per the requirement of the scenes and roles which is given to her during the projects she is taking to do.


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